About Us

W.W.C.C.A. History Overview

WWCCA has its roots in ten men who were avid hunters and fisherman. This group had a keen interest not only in hunting and fishing, but also archery and conservation. They cared a great deal about conservation efforts statewide. Their discussions and dreams came to fruition in 1938, when Western Wayne County Conservation Association became a reality. They purchased forty acres of land near Joy and Wayne Roads in Nankin Township. To finance this venture, they sold shares in the club for ten dollars per share. The first development was that of an archery range. As with many things during the early 1940’s further development was put on hold until after World War II.

At that point the first clubhouse was established with the purchase of a government-surplus Quonset hut. In 1954 the first trap field was constructed, but access to the club was limited, and an arrangement had to be made with a neighbor of the club. In return for an access road and its maintenance, the neighbor asked that the club pay $0.10 per line of trap. The first day, the club took in $154.00, and trap shooting was off and running in Western Wayne County. It’s been one of the club’s most successful sports ever since.

Wayne County’s population expanded quickly, and it became apparent that the existing location would soon be surrounded, and would be impractical to maintain and grow the club at that location. The search then started for a new location further out in the county.

The search ended on the boarder of Wayne and Washtenaw Counties when 62 acres of land was purchased in Plymouth Township, on Napier Road. Construction of a clubhouse and archery range was completed first, soon followed by trap and skeet fields; and then the rifle and pistol ranges.

Conservation Overview

In 1985 the club’s acreage was expanded with the purchase of an additional 24 acres with part of Johnson Creek running through it. Johnson Creek is part of the Rouge River Conservation Area. This purchase provided an area where the club could practice its conservation, promoting the well being of our forests, water and wildlife, as well as having a place in which we could observe and protect wild life. Today, that area is constantly maintained. Work parties help keep the creek area clean of debris and fallen trees. We maintain the Johnson Creek as it flows through our club.

Our Conservation group is involved in preserving and improving our Club’s grounds including the purchase and planting of trees on the club grounds, and they work actively with various state conservation groups to help protect the natural resources of Michigan. We educate our young people about conservation and provide birdhouse kits for the kids and work with the Boy Scouts.

Discipline Overview

As our Membership grows so does the variety of shooting sports. One of the first groups to join archery and shotgun had an interest in the country’s pioneer heritage and the interest in muzzleloading grew quickly. Our Black Powder group known as the Tonquish Muzzleloader’s was founded. Other shooting disciplines are Airgun, Belly Shoot, Cowboy Action & Fast Draw, Handgun, Precision Shooting, and Women’s Sport Shooting.

We recognize that our next generation is not only the future of our club but the future of our country. Teaching our youngsters the importance of conservation and the safe use of guns and bows in a responsibility we take very seriously. We offer Junior programs in pistol, rifle, shotgun and archery not only to our member’s children but to children of our friends and neighbors.

We also hold Hunter Safety Classes, Galz-N-Gunz (women’s only 1 day class), NRA Classes and each October thru November host Sighting-In-Days. Open to members and non-members.

One of our active committees is Friends of the NRA. The program is sponsored by the National Rifle Association. They host dinners, raffles, etc. to raise funds for shooting programs for youth and women shooters and more. We regularly receive grants from the NRA which help develop and improve our shooting facilities for our youth and women.

Social Activity Overview

After the equipment is put away and there are stories to tell it’s time to gather at the clubhouse. WWCCA’s clubhouse offers a complete kitchen for that lunchtime meal on the weekends and a full bar for the adult beverage of your choice during normal club hours.

WWCCA has a variety of social functions throughout the year. We have fish fry’s during Lent, steak cookouts, pig roast and beef cookouts, as well as Easter, Halloween & Christmas parties for the kids. In February the Super Bowl Party and two comedy nights with headline comics for your entertainment.

We are an active supporter of charities. We make donations to groups such as the Wounded Warrior Project and the United States Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” program.