Blackpowder Overview

We are the Black Powder group here at WWCCA and we’d like to welcome you to the Club.

We encourage you to attend the various meetings and get involved in all the activities available here at the club. Get to know people and ask questions. That’s the best way to navigate around and enjoy the place. If you don’t feel comfortable participating yet, then just come out and watch how things are done. Eventually you will get to know people and realize we’re all here for one main purpose…to have fun!!!

Our particular group, the Tonquish Muzzlerloaders of WWCCA, have our monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. Open to members you are encouraged to come out and introduce yourself. We are very eager to share our hobby with anyone who may be curious, so come on by! Our shoots consist of a monthly “walkthru” which is a variety of targets we’ve set up in the woods beyond the wall along the 200 yard range. The entrance to the walkthru is at the very southeast corner of the 200 yard range parking area. There is a sign marking the entrance. These walkthru’s are usually the first Sunday of every month, depending on our event schedule for that month, and usually at 10:00 a.m. However, read your “Clubhouse Window” to make sure as these dates change on occasion depending on our schedule. We also shoot sometimes on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

We hold to major Rendezvous’ every year here at the Club. The big one is the annual “Labor Day Weekend Rendezvous”, which is the largest primitive Rendezvous held in the state of Michigan. The other one is “The Wintering” held on the last full weekend of January. A much smaller affair but every bit as enjoyable as the other. We sometimes have a small campout on Memorial Day weekend, and sometimes also on the July 4th weekend, and these are very relaxing events as well.

Our Chairman is Greg “Shortcut” Baack. His phone number is on page 2 of your Clubhouse Window newsletter. We also have an event coordinator of Blackpowder activities and her name is Roxanna “Style-n-Grace” Maddox. Her number is also on page 2.

See below to see what it is that we do!!!


Blackpowder Monthly Article

Black Powder Trails (December)

The close of the fall trapping season is drawing nigh.  Won’t be long before the western mountain man and his eastern longhunter cousin seek shelter for the cold winter months.  Taking their lessons from nature they have learned the three ways to deal with winter in the mountains: hibernate, migrate or adapt.  Funny how much you can learn by watching what the critters do.  Making a winter shelter, like the bear, is a good idea but living in the ground is not the first choice and beside unlike the bear the hunter cannot “sleep” all winter.  The hunters will move down the mountain just like the deer and elk do.  And like them they will look for those places that shelter you from the winter’s worst.   But most of all they will adapt to the changes forced upon them by the cold and snow.  Those animals that stay will grow their winter coats.  The men in the mountains will do so by wearing the heavy winter buffalo robe over their lighter buckskins.

Unlike those of us in the 21st century they did not give up as many creature comforts when they remained in the mountains.  They still lived in cabins or teepees, heated with wood, and cooked in cast iron or on a spit, over the fire and they still made much of what they wore or used out of the skins or parts of animals.  Water still had to be brought to camp and often still required one to break the ice to obtain it.

Outdoor activity would be limited to the necessities one of which would be to hunt the animals they had followed down the mountain.  We mover much of our activities indoors as well.  We continue to build black powder rifles, pistols, and knives in the blacksmith shop on Thursday nights.  Winter is also the time to make the repairs required to our gear and to make a garment of two.

Naturally the need to compete is still running through our veins so we still get together to shoot.  The blackpowder walk through will be December 9 at 10:00 am.  If you come please speak quietly as some of us might be a little rough since the Blackpowder Christmas party was held in the clubhouse the night before (December 8) starting at 6:00 pm.  Bring a blackpowder gift to put down and you will get to pick one up.  Most everyone goes home with something new for their hobby.

For more information about these events, blackpowder in general or you just want to chat call the booshway Greg Baack whose number is in the listings.  Booshway is taken from a French term and it denoted the person in charge.  Leonard Darnell will be so happy I used the politically correct term of person as opposed to the man.

Those of us who live history want to take the time to look at the present and wish you a Merry Christmas!  (I’m not that politically correct Leonard) and a Happy New Year!

In the shadow of Scribe who we still miss dearly.