Blackpowder Overview

We are the Black Powder group here at WWCCA and we’d like to welcome you to the Club.

We encourage you to attend the various meetings and get involved in all the activities available here at the club. Get to know people and ask questions. That’s the best way to navigate around and enjoy the place. If you don’t feel comfortable participating yet, then just come out and watch how things are done. Eventually you will get to know people and realize we’re all here for one main purpose…to have fun!!!

Our particular group, the Tonquish Muzzlerloaders of WWCCA, have our monthly meetings on the second Thursday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. Open to members you are encouraged to come out and introduce yourself. We are very eager to share our hobby with anyone who may be curious, so come on by! Our shoots consist of a monthly “walkthru” which is a variety of targets we’ve set up in the woods beyond the wall along the 200 yard range. The entrance to the walkthru is at the very southeast corner of the 200 yard range parking area. There is a sign marking the entrance. These walkthru’s are usually the first Sunday of every month, depending on our event schedule for that month, and usually at 10:00 a.m. However, read your “Clubhouse Window” to make sure as these dates change on occasion depending on our schedule. We also shoot sometimes on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

We hold to major Rendezvous’ every year here at the Club. The big one is the annual “Labor Day Weekend Rendezvous”, which is the largest primitive Rendezvous held in the state of Michigan. The other one is “The Wintering” held on the last full weekend of January. A much smaller affair but every bit as enjoyable as the other. We sometimes have a small campout on Memorial Day weekend, and sometimes also on the July 4th weekend, and these are very relaxing events as well.

Our Chairman is Greg “Shortcut” Baack. His phone number is on page 2 of your Clubhouse Window newsletter. We also have an event coordinator of Blackpowder activities and her name is Roxanna “Style-n-Grace” Maddox. Her number is also on page 2.

See below to see what it is that we do!!!


Blackpowder Monthly Article

Black Powder Trails (August)

The first mountain man Rendezvous was held in 1825 just north of what is now McKinnon Wyoming along the Henrys Fork river.  William Henry Ashley, co-owner of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company decided that rather than waiting for the fur trappers to bring their furs to St Louis he would go get them.  By doing so he effectively cornered the market on the fur trade.

Ashley would bring in everything a fur trapper would need to survive and trap in the mountains for another year and trade those goods for furs which he would sell back in St Louis to those who made the tall top hats out of them.  He would also bring whiskey.  The location would change but the annual rendezvous’ would continue until 1840 when silk hats would replace beaver hats.

James Beckwourth, a mountain man, described a rendezvous as “mirth, songs, dancing, shouting, trading, running and jumping contests, horse racing, target shooting, yarns, frolic, with all sorts of extravagances that white men or Indians could invent.”  He appears to have forgotten to include the whiskey.  Many who attend our rendezvous will not.

Speaking of our rendezvous, in August the blackpowder shooters will be preparing to host the Annual Tonquish Muzzleloaders Rendezvous held over Labor Day Weekend (Aug31-Sept 3).  We will have opportunities for you to earn work hours.  If you are interested in working with us please contact our leader, Greg Baack, at

Everyone is welcome to come and visit the rendezvous.  Most every tent will have a blanket set out selling goods they no longer need or that they made themselves.  So bring your partner and come shop.  Saturday and Sunday will have a variety of shooting contests.  One favorite is the Saturday afternoon Novelty shoot on the 200 yard range.  Come on out and see what we came up with for targets.  Watch shooters take the head off of wooden matches.  There is storytelling Friday night at dusk.  This is not children’s storytelling. The storyteller tells stories for adults that kids can hear.  On Saturday there are children’s contests that you are welcome to participate in.  Don’t forget the fish fry Friday night and a pancake breakfast Sunday morning that you are also welcome to attend.  Why not take some time out of your busy weekend and drop by for a visit.

August is not all work and no play.  We will still be building guns and accessories every Thursday night at the blacksmith shop.  Several are currently making knifes.  Our monthly walk thru will be Aug 5 at 10 am.  And our meeting will be Aug 9, also in the blacksmith shop, at 7:30 pm.  You are welcome to all of them.