Blackpowder Overview

We are the Black Powder group here at WWCCA and we’d like to welcome you to the Club.

We encourage you to attend the various meetings and get involved in all the activities available here at the club. Get to know people and ask questions. That’s the best way to navigate around and enjoy the place. If you don’t feel comfortable participating yet, then just come out and watch how things are done. Eventually you will get to know people and realize we’re all here for one main purpose…to have fun!!!

Our particular group, the Tonquish Muzzlerloaders of WWCCA, have our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. Open to members you are encouraged to come out and introduce yourself. We are very eager to share our hobby with anyone who may be curious, so come on by! Our shoots consist of a monthly “walkthru” which is a variety of targets we’ve set up in the woods beyond the wall along the 200 yard range. The entrance to the walkthru is at the very southeast corner of the 200 yard range parking area. There is a sign marking the entrance. These walkthru’s are usually the first Sunday of every month, depending on our event schedule for that month, and usually at 10:00 a.m. However, read your “Clubhouse Window” to make sure as these dates change on occasion depending on our schedule. We also shoot sometimes on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

We hold to major Rendezvous’ every year here at the Club. The big one is the annual “Labor Day Weekend Rendezvous”, which is the largest primitive Rendezvous held in the state of Michigan. The other one is “The Wintering” held on the last full weekend of January. A much smaller affair but every bit as enjoyable as the other. We sometimes have a small campout on Memorial Day weekend, and sometimes also on the July 4th weekend, and these are very relaxing events as well.

Our Chairman is Greg “Shortcut” Baack. His phone number is on page 2 of your Clubhouse Window newsletter. We also have an event coordinator of Blackpowder activities and her name is Roxanna “Style-n-Grace” Maddox. Her number is also on page 2. The Scribe for our group is Mark “No Name” Johnstone. He writes the “Black Powder Trails” article in your Clubhouse Window and will gladly take any questions you may have about the group and what we do, or anything related to Blackpowder shooting. Email him anytime at

See below to see what it is that we do!!!


Blackpowder Monthly Article

Black Powder Trails (November)

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”.

Greetings friends.

It’s now time to give you a post-Labor Day Rendezvous report. This year was another safe and successful Rendezvous and for that we are always very thankful. There were approx. 130 participants, and about 45 primitive camps, plus some moderns. All had a very good time and the weather was spectacular.

As always we’d like to thank a bunch of people; first and foremost are the Board of Directors and all you members of WWCCA for allowing us the use of the ranges that weekend. We couldn’t have this event if we were unable to do that so we do appreciate you’re letting us have them each year. Thanks to the Green Team grounds crew for making the place look so ship shape for our guests. We get a great many compliments on the condition of the grounds around the Club and that is to your credit alone. Thanks to the “Fish Fry People” who did the Friday night event, you know who you are and so do we. A big thanks to the Rifle group for the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday morning, yet another outstanding meal as usual. Thanks to the bartenders who helped make ice for us. Thank you to all the range officers who helped us out. Thank you to Tony “Mad Dog” Mazaitis for the medallions we give out during registration. Thanks to Liz and Brian Considine and Leonard Darnell for handling registration, and to Leonard for running the ranges for Greg. Thanks to all the folks who gave donated prizes for the blankets. Thanks especially to those folks who gave freely the prizes we raffled off this year; Ron Lowe and Dave Dowling for the period correct “kitchen”, Tim Cornick for the powder horn, Art LaBelle for the muzzleloading rifle, and Mick McEhleran for the artist’ print.

Last but most certainly not least I would like to, also on behalf of our entire group, thank our Chairman and “Booshway” Greg (Shortcut) Baack for the outstanding job he did again this year. Greg, you make us very proud for all of the hard work you do, at Rendezvous and throughout the entire year, and it is our pleasure to serve with you.

Our monthly walkthru here will be on Sunday 5th at 10:00 am.. Bundle up and join us for this shoot just prior to the firearm deer season. Get those smoke poles sighted in proper and true so you can provide meat for your table.

Our regular meeting this month is Weds. 8th at 7:30 pm.. Come on out and join in on talking about our plans for the winter months.

The ever-popular Turkey Shoot in Tecumseh will be the weekend of Nov. 10-12 so join us as we venture a bit south for that fun event. Shoot well enough and you may even win yourself a Thanksgiving turkey!

Next month is our annual Christmas Dinner party on Dec. 9th so mark that on your calendar. Also keep in mind our annual “Wintering”, held each year on the last full weekend of January, regardless of the weather. It’s coming up soon now so mark that on your calendars as well.

To close…. I wish for you all a great success in the hunts of the seasons now upon us. Above all, be careful and be safe. When you take that deer, or whatever game it is that you are hunting, pause for a moment out of respect and admiration when you walk up on him. Give him thanks for putting fresh meat on your table, and bid his spirit a safe journey to the Other Side… where he will always be alive in your memories and you will relive the pleasure of the hunt every time you think of that moment. Perhaps you will get to hunt him again someday…. in that Great Valley on Other Side.

Next month I will have another wonderful book suggestion for you.

Until the next moon, I hope you all fare well.

Blackpowder Scribe

Mark Johnstone
Scribe, Blackpowder