Blackpowder Overview

We are the Black Powder group here at WWCCA and we’d like to welcome you to the Club.

We encourage you to attend the various meetings and get involved in all the activities available here at the club. Get to know people and ask questions. That’s the best way to navigate around and enjoy the place. If you don’t feel comfortable participating yet, then just come out and watch how things are done. Eventually you will get to know people and realize we’re all here for one main purpose…to have fun!!!

Our particular group, the Tonquish Muzzlerloaders of WWCCA, have our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. Open to members you are encouraged to come out and introduce yourself. We are very eager to share our hobby with anyone who may be curious, so come on by! Our shoots consist of a monthly “walkthru” which is a variety of targets we’ve set up in the woods beyond the wall along the 200 yard range. The entrance to the walkthru is at the very southeast corner of the 200 yard range parking area. There is a sign marking the entrance. These walkthru’s are usually the first Sunday of every month, depending on our event schedule for that month, and usually at 10:00 a.m. However, read your “Clubhouse Window” to make sure as these dates change on occasion depending on our schedule. We also shoot sometimes on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

We hold to major Rendezvous’ every year here at the Club. The big one is the annual “Labor Day Weekend Rendezvous”, which is the largest primitive Rendezvous held in the state of Michigan. The other one is “The Wintering” held on the last full weekend of January. A much smaller affair but every bit as enjoyable as the other. We sometimes have a small campout on Memorial Day weekend, and sometimes also on the July 4th weekend, and these are very relaxing events as well.

Our Chairman is Greg “Shortcut” Baack. His phone number is on page 2 of your Clubhouse Window newsletter. We also have an event coordinator of Blackpowder activities and her name is Roxanna “Style-n-Grace” Maddox. Her number is also on page 2. The Scribe for our group is Mark “No Name” Johnstone. He writes the “Black Powder Trails” article in your Clubhouse Window and will gladly take any questions you may have about the group and what we do, or anything related to Blackpowder shooting. Email him anytime at

See below to see what it is that we do!!!


Blackpowder Monthly Article

Black Powder Trails (July)

“You won’t get gun control by disarming law-abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun control. Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up, and if you don’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time….. ” President Ronald Reagan

Happy Independence Day 1817

We’re sitting in the shade outside Jeremiah Johnson’s cabin, along with his beautiful Flathead wife, Swan, and their adopted son Caleb. It’s a fine day and it’s good to see these old friends again.

This month is a relaxing month, to go about your business and enjoy the summer, for there are only two scheduled events on my calendar.

Our regularly scheduled walkthru for this month will take place on Sunday July 2, at 10 am.. Hopefully the heat and the bugs won’t be as bad as some years in the past. Last year we had cancelled the July shoot but it is on my calendar for this year. Bug spray in your possibles bag is recommended. At least there is shade down there. If it’s hot, just imagine yourself, while you’re down on the walkthru, as a real mountain man in July of 1817 and think about how they all managed to survive the weather and everything else. If they got too hot they’d strip and jump in a cold stream. There is a cool flowing stream on the walkthru. Now, having said that, I would hope that someone snaps pictures on their cell phones to capture on film any one of our guys or gals taking a dip in the stream to cool off. Then please do email one to me. Wagh!! We’d be talking about that for generations!!

Our monthly meeting will be Weds. 12th at 7:30 pm. No doubt we’ll be discussing plans for the Labor Day weekend Rendezvous, as set-up for it arrives at the end of next month. We’ll also talk about any other mid summer activities on our minds.

Next month I will be talking about that Rendezvous, our biggest event of the year at WWCCA. For those members who may not be aware, Rendezvous is our proudest achievement and it is something you and your family do NOT want to miss, if only to come by for a day visit. It is a spectacle of history that will take your breath away if you’ve never been to one before.

As we were…. sitting in the shade with Jeremiah. This is Crow land and Jeremiah is friends with the Crow, so he can live here in peace and quiet. Swan speaks very little English yet but she is learning, and Jeremiah is learning her language too. The boy does not speak. He is the son of “The Crazy Woman” and after their family was killed by Indians, The Crazy Woman (whose real name was Jane Morgan) begged Jeremiah to take the boy. She did not expect to live long and she was in much grief. She could no longer care for the boy and she wished to stay and mourn at the graves forever. Caleb is a good boy, and he is learning quickly the way of life in the mountains, but because of his trauma in witnessing what was done to his family, nobody knows if he will ever speak again. He’s a happy boy now though, and seems very comfortable with Swan and Jeremiah. Jeremiah is teaching him how to set traps for beaver. Caleb does not like the pungent secreted scent that one must use to lure the beaver to the trap so it’s funny to watch his face and his nose scrunch up when he has to place it on the stick.

Until next time, keep yer nose to the wind and yer eyes along the skyline.

Blackpowder Scribe

Mark Johnstone
Scribe, Blackpowder