Blackpowder Overview

We are the Black Powder group here at WWCCA and we’d like to welcome you to the Club.

We encourage you to attend the various meetings and get involved in all the activities available here at the club. Get to know people and ask questions. That’s the best way to navigate around and enjoy the place. If you don’t feel comfortable participating yet, then just come out and watch how things are done. Eventually you will get to know people and realize we’re all here for one main purpose…to have fun!!!

Our particular group, the Tonquish Muzzlerloaders of WWCCA, have our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m. Open to members you are encouraged to come out and introduce yourself. We are very eager to share our hobby with anyone who may be curious, so come on by! Our shoots consist of a monthly “walkthru” which is a variety of targets we’ve set up in the woods beyond the wall along the 200 yard range. The entrance to the walkthru is at the very southeast corner of the 200 yard range parking area. There is a sign marking the entrance. These walkthru’s are usually the first Sunday of every month, depending on our event schedule for that month, and usually at 10:00 a.m. However, read your “Clubhouse Window” to make sure as these dates change on occasion depending on our schedule. We also shoot sometimes on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

We hold to major Rendezvous’ every year here at the Club. The big one is the annual “Labor Day Weekend Rendezvous”, which is the largest primitive Rendezvous held in the state of Michigan. The other one is “The Wintering” held on the last full weekend of January. A much smaller affair but every bit as enjoyable as the other. We sometimes have a small campout on Memorial Day weekend, and sometimes also on the July 4th weekend, and these are very relaxing events as well.

Our Chairman is Greg “Shortcut” Baack. His phone number is on page 2 of your Clubhouse Window newsletter. We also have an event coordinator of Blackpowder activities and her name is Roxanna “Style-n-Grace” Maddox. Her number is also on page 2. The Scribe for our group is Mark “No Name” Johnstone. He writes the “Black Powder Trails” article in your Clubhouse Window and will gladly take any questions you may have about the group and what we do, or anything related to Blackpowder shooting. Email him anytime at

See below to see what it is that we do!!!


Blackpowder Monthly Article

Black Powder Trails (May)

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Greetings all. May is the month the Indians call “Moon of First Eggs”, and what a beautiful time of year it is. We’ve left our winter lodgings with Iron Belly’s Crow village and are now on our own trapping, and trying to keep our hair. We’ve set up camp under these willow trees and got the horses to grazing and we just finished cleaning up a nice batch of trout for lunch, and enough left over to smoke. Let’s take a break, spit and roast our fish, and I’ll go over the schedule. Watch out for Blackfoot too….. this time of year they’re out roaming for food and any prey they can find, including the two legged variety, meaning us. When we’re done we’ll go check our traps.

Our monthly walkthru is scheduled for Sunday 7th at 10:00 am.. Join us as we welcome an early summer to the woods walk. The smell of a newly awakening warm weather season in the woods is special to me; seeing the new shoots of growth along the trails, feeling the warmth of the sun as it filters through the greening trees. The bright blue sky, fresh air. Good for the mind, the body, and the soul.

Our meeting is Wednesday 10th at 7:30 pm. Join us and we’ll be talking about upcoming events this summer, including travels to Oakland County and also The Feast of Ste. Claire later this month. We’ll also be planning work parties for projects we may want to do. New members are encouraged to come in and get to know us and get involved!! We have tons of fun and you will too!!

Oakland County’s annual spring Rendezvous is scheduled for the weekend of May 19-21, and our group usually sends a sizable contingent to that fine gathering. It’s a great event, and is put on by very friendly folks who are good friends of ours as well, so join us. Come to the meeting or call our Chairman, Greg “Shortcut” Baack, for directions. Greg’s number is on page 2 of this Clubhouse Window.

To close out this month we travel to the thumb land of Michigan territory to the annual Feast of Ste. Claire “show and tell” event on the weekend of May 26-28, in Port Huron. This is a very relaxed and laid back weekend with no shooting events. Just set up your camp and lounge around all weekend. We look authentic and pretty, enjoy the sights and sounds of a peaceful encampment, show off all of our stuff, and share our vast historical knowledge with the public folks coming by to see everything on display. Join us!!!!!

Next month is Multi-Lakes’ annual Rendezvous the weekend of June 9-11, and you’re welcome to attend that with us as well.
A friendly reminder, now is the time to get going on those donated prizes for our own Rendezvous, as it will be here before you know it on Labor Day weekend. New members will want to mark your calendars for this event. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen and we’re very proud of it. You come and you’ve stepped back in time…. all the way back to 1760-1840, and the mere sight of the encampment will take your breathe away. I call this year: Rendezvous 1817, and you will feel like you’re there.

Well, the fresh trout lunch was spectacular. Anything cooked over a wood fire is. The Musselshell is down the hill so we’ll take the trail down to it and check our traps on it, and its tributaries. Then I feel a nap coming on for a spell when we get back. Prime your pan partner….. never know what’s ahead on the trail. If we see a fat cow elk shoot her and we’ll eat some fine vittles tonight before bed. I have some taters, and we could use them along with some back straps for dinner. Nothin’ better for eatin’ than elk back straps over a fire. If’n we see Blackfoot we’ll skedaddle and check the traps later. I’d much rather lose a beaver than my hair thank you very much. I ain’t got all that much hair to spare these days, barely enough what’s fit for any mans lodgepole anyhow. Wagh!! Tonight after we eat we’ll smoke the leftover fish we caught this morning afore riding out to get what beaver we caught and bundle up some packs of plews. We’ll gather up the traps too, and move on the next day at first light.

Until next we meet….. watch yer topknot!!

Blackpowder Scribe

Mark Johnstone
Scribe, Blackpowder