J.O.A.D. Junior Archery Development Overview

Junior Archery Development (J.A.D.) is a program where youngsters between the ages of 6 and 19 can learn the fundamentals of archery from certified Archery Coaches.

Open to members and non-members. Pre-registration is required and must be done in person at the club. No phone registrations will be accepted. Cost is $50.00 for the winter program and $50.00 for the summer program. The winter session program is inside our clubhouse and summer session program is outside. Generally, each program consists of one evening each week for about 13 weeks. Beginners no not need their own equipment. The club has well maintained equipment that can be used by any of those attending the class. An Awards Banquet is held on the last day of both programs.

WINTER CLASS REGISTRATION: 2019 Winter pre-registration will begin Sunday, December 2, 2018 and end Sunday, January 6, 2019 or when class is full. (limited to 30 students each in beginners and advanced)

WINTER CLASS: The beginners’ class meets every Tuesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm and the advanced class from 7:30pm – 9:00pm beginning January 8, 2019 thru March 26, 2019.

SUMMER CLASS REGISTRATION: 2019 Summer pre-registration will begin Sunday May 5th and end Sunday, June 2nd or when class is full. (limited to 30 students each in beginners and advanced)

SUMMER CLASS: The beginners and advanced class meets every Tuesday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm beginning June 4, 2019 thru August 27, 2019.

What is Olympic Archery? Strictly speaking it is; recurve bow, adjustable front sight without optics, no peep on string and string held and released by fingers only. We do teach compound and release shooters. We do not teach instinctive shooting.

Are there any training standards or goals? In archery you earn certificates. To earn these certificates you must meet the same requirements that the USA Archery program uses.

There are 11 badges ranging from Qualified Archer to Golden Olympian. Think of them as levels of proficiency. There are indoor badges and outdoor badges. You must shoot a certain minimum score at a designated distance to earn each level. Indoors start at 9 meters for beginners and then moves to 18 meters. Target size is 60 cm for recurve and 40 cm for compounds. They start with a score of 50 for Qualified Archer and go up to 300 for Golden Olympian. This is out of a possible 300. Outdoor distances start at 15 meters and go to 27 meters on a 122 cm target. Scores range from 130 at 15 meters with a bare bow for Qualified Archer all the way to 355 at 60 meters with a compound bow for Golden Olympian. This is out of a possible 360.

Must they compete? Only on the club level to earn their badges. If they want to compete at the state level in MET/MAA matches they can be members of W.W.C.C.A. J.A.D. To compete in U.S.A. Archery matches they must join the U.S.A. Archery. Some clubs insist that they compete on at least the local level, we do not. We only want them to learn how to shoot the bow safely and to have fun. If they want to compete that is their decision. Over the years we have had only 4 that regularly competed on the state and national level. Fortunately, these 4 were some of the best young archers in the country.

Al Ouellette – J.A.D. sec./head coach at albertouellette@att.net.

Jr. Pistol / Action Rifle Overview

We teach the safe and responsible handling and use of semi-automatic handguns and rifles.  All our instructors are experienced and highly qualified.  Open to members and non-members.

Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) under Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation.

SASP  Pistol:
Intermediate –  Grade 6 – 8
Senior Grade –  9 – 12
Collegiate – no age limit, must be enrolled full time

Timed event of 4 stages of 5 steel targets.  Shooter’s time is their score, lower is better.  Athletes shoot 5 strings at each stage, and four lowest scores are counted.  Teams are divided into squads of 4 athletes in the same division with match scoring based on squad’s overall score.  Firearms include .22LR pistol or centerfire (typically 9mm) pistol.  Striker fire type guns with iron sights are allowed.  No guns with hammers and no 1911 style guns.  We use the IDPA Stock Service Pistol & Revolver rules if more detail is desired.

SASP Rifle:
Same rules as for Pistol except:
Rookie – Grade 5 (rifle only).  Firearms .22LR rifle semi-auto, detachable box magazine (no tube feed),  with iron sights or optic sights.

Junior Olympics (JO) under USA Shooting:
Junior Sport Pistol or Junior Air Pistol.  Shoot 22LR pistol or air pistol.  Olympic style shooting.  LR Jr Sport Pistol, 25 meter or 50 foot distances; Air Pistol 10 meter.

If you are interested in participating, you can come to any of our practices to observe or join our group.  More JO information available upon request.  For more information contact Joe Cafarelli at 734-718-8029 email joecaf@comcast.net or Walt Engle 734-516-7454 email walt_engle@yahoo.com.

2019 Dates
February 8 Team Meeting 7pm
March 9 Practice 9am-1pm 100yd range
March 23 Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range

March 30 Fun Shoot 9am-2pm 200 yard range

April 6 Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range
April 20  Practice 2pm-5:45pm 100 yard range
May 4 Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range
May 10 Range Set Up for League Match 5:30pm 200 yard range
May 11 League Match 9am-5:45pm on 200 yard range

May 15 Practice 6pm-7:45pm 50 yard range
May 25 Practice 2pm-5:45pm 100 yard range

May 29 Practice 6pm-7:45pm 50yd
June 1, & 15 Practice 2pm-5:45pm 100 yard range
June 5, 12, 19 & 26 Practice 6pm-7:45pm 50 yard range

July 10 & 16 6pm-7:45pm 50 yard range
July 13  Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range
July 27 Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range
August 10 Practice 9am-1pm on 100 yard range
August 28 Team Meeting 7pm
September 14 Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range

Sept 21 Fun Shoot 9am-2pm on 200 yd
October 5 Practice 9am-1pm 100 yard range
October 11 Range Set Up for League Match 5:30pm 200 yard range
October 12 League Match 9am-5:45pm 200 yard range
December 6 Pizza Party 7pm

Junior Shotgun Overview

Junior Shotgun is a development program that introduces young shooters to the clay target sports. WWCCA accomplishes this by participating in and supporting a “Learn to Shoot” program, the Junior Traveling League of Michigan and the National Scholastic Clay Target Program.

The “Learn to Shoot” program is open to both members and non-members.   Shotgun Learn to Shoot Program provides elementary school through college age youth instruction in firearms safety and the basics of clay target shooting.  Focuses on a safe and positive experience with firearms and clay target shooting with instruction tailored for beginner to experienced shooter.  Free shotgun rental with reduced-rate ammo and targets are provided.

The program starts with an evening orientation covering shotgun fundamentals and safety, and instruction on Saturdays from February thru March.  Shooters are scheduled based on skill level and Trap or Skeet preference.

2019 Learn to Shoot Dates:

Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm is Orientation Night

Saturdays:  February 9th & 23rd – March 9th, 16th & 23rd

To register contact Scott Bright:  email pcepclaytarget@pccsk12.com or call 734-589-9556.

Novice: Little or no experience

Junior Varsity: Those with basic knowledge of the games but not proficient at breaking targets
Varsity: Those proficient at breaking targets but who wish to be more competitive.

The Junior Traveling League of Michigan is an eight month program which provides junior shooters the opportunity to shoot skeet and trap at different clubs in a friendly competitive atmosphere throughout southeast Michigan.

The Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTCP) is a national program sponsored by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation. The SCTP provides the opportunity for school age youths to participate in the sports of trap, skeet and sporting clays. This activity offers juniors the opportunity to earn scholarship monies toward a college education.

For additional information, contact Bob Martin at 313-382-8383.

Scholastic Clay Target Program: www.shootsctp.org

Junior Rifle Overview

Our Junior Rifle Program teaches your Child or Grandchild how to shoot a single shot .22LR Caliber Target Rifle.

This program meets OFFSITE at The Firing Line – 33000 Ford Road – Westland, on Monday’s from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. The cost is $5.00 range fee per night and $2.00 per box of 50 rounds .22 Long Rifle Cartridges.

We will be meeting every two weeks on the first, third, and fifth (if it exits) OR the second and fourth Monday of each month. The Firing Line staff has requested that you call them on the day of the Junior Rifle Activity to confirm that the activity has not been cancelled. The Firing Line’s phone number is 734-326-7320.

If you have any questions about the Junior Rifle Activities, do not hesitate to call me at 734-462-1449 or via email at mikekathy308@gmail.com.