Range Rules

Range Rules

September 26, 2017

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Resolved, all former WWCCA Range Rules are repealed and the following are adopted effective immediately upon WWCCA Board approval:

This document only contains the WWCCA range rules. If you want a copy of the WWCCA qualification rules please ask for a copy at the sign in window.

These rules apply to all members and registered guests.

WWCCA Range Rules



1.1 Safety is the responsibility of every shooter. Members observing infractions of any safety rule shall immediately bring the facts to the attention of the person involved, shall immediately cease and desist the action.

1.2 Disputes regarding rule violations shall be submitted to a Designated Range Safety Officer (DRSO) for resolution. Until then the person accused of violating a rule shall cease and desist the complained of action.

1.3 A violation of any range rule or destruction of range property by a member, or a member’s registered guest, will subject the member to appear before a Designated Range Safety Officer Sub-Committee (DRSO Sub-Committee).

1.4 Members are responsible for the actions of their registered guests as if they had committed the violation themselves.

1.5 The DRSO Sub-Committee is empowered to temporarily suspend range privileges of any member alleged violating these rules, pending action from the Board of Directors.

1.6 Any member found guilty of a range rule violation by a DRSO Sub-Committee may be warned in writing, fined (minimum of $50.00 and a maximum of $250.00), suspended, and/or expelled from the club. A member who fails to pay this fine by the due date shall have privileges suspended until the fine is paid.

1.7 A Range Safety Officer (RSO) is a member who has successfully taken the RSO class and is in possession of a WWCCA qualification card bearing the date and RSO class instructor’s name.

1.8 There must be an RSO in attendance at all times on all ranges, shotgun fields, and the shotgun patterning board while in use.

1.9 Registered guest(s) shooting on any range or shotgun field, must be supervised by the RSO member hosting them.

1.10 A member may have an unlimited number of registered guests with a maximum of three (3) registered guests shooting at any one time, except the maximum does not apply when using the shotgun fields.

1.11 An inexperienced shooter must be directly supervised at all times by a non-shooting RSO.

1.12 No unsupervised shooting of firearms or bows is allowed by any person less than 16 years old.

1.13 All shooters must first sign in at the clubhouse sign in window and (1) exchange a membership card for a range gate key; (2) show a qualification card; (3) obtain the proper range arm band from the custodian; and (4) pay any range fees.

1.14 ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

1.15 ALWAYS keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot.

1.16 ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

1.17 All guns shall be unloaded, magazines removed, actions open, left on the bench pointing down range or in the racks and not handled when anyone is forward of the red firing line for any purpose.

1.18 When closing the action or when the action is closed firearms shall be pointed downrange and at the impact berm.

1.19 The firearm safety, when present, shall be on when not shooting.

1.20 When setting up a chronograph or range/wind flag, while people are in front of the red firing line, the rifle’s bolt must be removed or an (old name) open bolt indicator or (new name) empty chamber indicator must be inserted into the rifle’s chamber.

1.21 Firearms must be raised to the target before firing, not lowered from above the target. This does not apply to Shotgun Fields.

1.22 Ear and eye protection must be worn by everyone at all times on all ranges except the Air Gun Range where only Safety Glasses must be worn and the Archery Ranges where neither eye or ear protection are required.
EXCEPTION: Members of the Junior Olympic Air Pistol Team may use Eye Protection at their discretion.

1.22 Shooting hours will be posted in the clubhouse. All members will abide by the posted hours.

1.23 All shooters, while on the ranges, must display their appropriate qualification card and wear the proper range armband.

1.24 The term “registered guest” means a guest who has completed the guest registration form at the sign in window and obtained a guest range arm band. Only registered guests are permitted to use the ranges.

1.25 No running or horseplay will be allowed on any range.

1.26 Shooters must instantly obey all cease fire commands from any person on the range.

1.27 All persons shall remain behind the red firing line until cease-fire commands are given and the red safety light is turned on.

1.28 If the red safety light is on, no one may touch the firearms for any reason.

1.29 All persons who do not proceed downrange during a cease-fire shall remain behind the yellow safety line or at least six (6) feet behind the shooting positions.

1.30 All shooting must be performed from behind the red firing line unless all shooters on the range agree to move the firing line forward.

1.31 Firearms shall be unloaded, cased and/or the actions open except while firing. Exception – break open shotguns and barrel breaker air guns do not need to have their actions open while in racks.

1.32 All rounds must be safely fired at targets and into the impact berms.

1.33 Targets are to be placed as near to the center of the Celotex/cardboard as possible.

1.34 All shooting shall be at paper targets. Spinning or reactive targets plus dueling trees may be used on the 25 Yard Range and Black Powder Walk Thru.

1.35 Shooters shall shoot only at targets directly in front of their shooting position.

1.36 Shooters shall clean their respective target area and firing point and shall remove targets and spent cases before leaving the range.

1.37 Any arms or ammunition deemed unsafe by an RSO shall be removed from the firing line immediately.

1.38 No alcoholic beverages shall be carried or consumed on any range or parking area during shooting hours. No handling of loaded firearms after consuming alcohol.

1.39 No person deemed under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance by an RSO shall be permitted near any range, shotgun field, or shotgun patterning board during shooting hours.

1.40 No misfired rounds, aerosol cans, or other explosive items are to be put in trash cans. Misfired rounds are to be turned in to the custodian at the clubhouse

1.41 No smoking within 25 feet of any black powder on the firing line.

1.42 Slug guns will be treated as a centerfire rifle. Smooth bore shotguns firing rifled slugs must be fired at 50 Yards or less. Rifled bore shotguns firing sabots must be fired at 100 Yards or less.

1.43 Field loads, not including buck shot or slugs, may only be fired at the shotgun patterning board.

1.44 Cinched slings must be worn by all shooters while shooting rifles in rapid fire.

1.45 All rifles may be loaded with a maximum of five (5) rounds, but must be fired from a position for which the shooter has a qualification signature. Exception – a member may load up to eight (8) rounds per magazine when supervised by a DRSO or in possession of a 200 yard rapid fire signature. Shooting must be in slow fire mode, except members who have a rapid fire qualification, and must be limited to a maximum of one shot every 5 seconds. No registered guest will be allowed to multi-load. Family members, under direct supervision of an RSO club member, may multi-load their rifles.

1.46 The gate to the ranges shall remain closed and locked except when an event or a work party is being held on one of the ranges. The event chairman will close and lock the gate when the event or work party is concluded.

1.47 During WWCCA Board approved events, matches or practice sessions the Board approved rules for that event, match or practice will apply during that event, match or practice.

1.48 Whenever there is a scheduled activity on one of the ranges, at the discretion of the activity chairman, non-participating club members will be allowed to shoot on that range based on space availability.

1.49 There will be no pointing or sighting of firearms in the club house.

1.50 The bar will be closed during all indoor range use.

1.51 A range shall be closed to any shooting while a scheduled work party is in progress.

1.52 Illegal firearms are not permitted on club premises.

1.53 Questions concerning any ranges should be directed to the Club custodian.

1.54 Arrowheads which contain a Live Cartridge may not be used at WWCCA.

1.55 All Air Gun Rifles/Handguns exceeding Caliber and Foot Pounds of Energy (FPE) Limitations defined in the General Outdoor Air Gun Rifles, shall follow all Range Rules as though a Firearm.


2.1 Only members and registered guests may shoot a handgun on this range from either the bench or offhand/standing position.

2.2 All handguns, rimfire rifles, and black powder rifles may be fired on this range. All centerfire rifles which are legal for cowboy action shooting matches may be fired on this range. All other centerfire rifles may only be fired on this range for sighting in purposes, with a maximum of five shots unless additional sighting in shots are authorized by a DRSO who is present.

2.3 Handguns may be loaded to their maximum capacity.

2.4 Shooting coaches and spectators must never be in front of the active shooting line. Spectators must stand behind the active shooter and coaches may stand next to the active shooter.

2.5 Members with a cowboy action shooting qualification signature, may shoot any rifle which is legal for cowboy action shooting, and may load it up to and including 10 rounds and fire it as quickly as cowboy action shooting rules dictate on this range.

2.6 Only members with a draw from a holster qualification signature may draw a loaded handgun from a holster on this range.


3.1 Members and registered guests must shoot pistols and rifles from the bench. Members with an offhand qualification signature, or members supervised by a DRSO, may shoot offhand.

3.2 Centerfire rifles shooting over 1800 F.P.S. may be shot on this range from the bench position only.

3.3 Handguns may be loaded to their maximum capacity.

3.4 Shotguns shooting slugs or buck shot may be fired on this range loading one round at a time. No shot shells allowed at any time.

3.5 Firearms with less than 4 inch barrels may not be fired on this range.

3.6 No firearm shall be fired on this range until it has been sighted in at the 25 Yard Range.

3.7 Only members, with a cowboy action shooting qualification signature, may shoot any rifle which is legal for cowboy action shooting, and may load it up to and including 10 rounds and fire it as quickly as cowboy action shooting rules dictate on this range.


4.1 Members and registered guests must shoot from the bench. Members with a centerfire or rimfire position shooting qualification signature or members supervised by a DRSO may shoot position.

4.2 Only members with the proper qualification card signature are allowed to fire a handgun on this range.

4.3 No firearm shall be fired on this range until it has been sighted in at the 50 Yard Range.

4.4 No multi-loading is allowed for handguns on this range.


5.1 Only members with a proper qualification card signature are allowed to shoot on this range. No registered guest is permitted to shoot on this range at any time.

5.2 No firearm shall be fired on this range until it has been sighted in at the 100-yard range.

5.3 The only rimfire calibers which are allowed to be shot on this range are .17 HMR, .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum.

5.4 Members with the proper qualification card signature may position shoot on this range.

5.6 Only members with a proper qualification card signature may fire a handgun on this range.

5.7 No multi-loading is allowed for handguns on this range.

5.8 For all others multi-loading is allowed except when shooting offhand on this range.

6. General Black Powder Firearm Range Rules

6.1 No smoking within 25 feet while black powder is in use.

6.2 No pouring of black powder directly out of a powder can, horn, or flask directly into a musket, rifle, or handgun. A separate powder measure is to be used at all times.

6.3 Keep all powder containers closed and properly stored.

6.4 No firearms will be capped or primed until the shooter has taken position on the firing line.

6.5 If a shooter experiences a misfire or other malfunction, keep the firearm pointed down range at least one minute, then uncap or de-prime the firearm, correct the problem, or seek qualified assistance.

6.6 It is the shooters duty to exercise caution for the safety of other shooters on the firing line. (Flash guards are appreciated.)

6.7 Only one barrel of any double-barreled rifle may be loaded at any time. Exception – when authorized and under the supervision of a DRSO.

6.8 A three (3) dram or 82 grain maximum load is allowed in black powder shotguns.

6.9 No black powder is allowed in the club house.

7. Black Powder Walk-Through Range Rules

7.1 Only a cloth-patched round ball may be used on this range.

7.2 Shooters shall qualify for use of this range by shooting with a black powder-qualified DRSO.

7.3 Smoking is allowed only at the fire pit.

7.4 Powder horns and flasks must be hung on racks or tree while at the fire pit.

7.5 Posted rules shall be adhered to when on this range.

8 General Skeet, Trap and 5 Stand Rules

8.1 All shotguns shall be carried with the actions open or cased. In the club house, shotguns shall be placed, with actions open, in a case, on a table, or in the rack. Break open shotguns may be closed when in the racks.

8.2 Shot size allowed is 7 1/2, 8 or 9 and a three (3) dram equivalent is maximum allowed. Target Loads only. No Field Loads.

Some shotgun ammunition manufacturers are no longer printing the dram count on their boxes. Instead they are printing Velocity in Feet per Second. You may not use velocities greater than the ones stated below:

Feet per Second (FPS) Shot Weight Status
1290 1 1/8 ounces Legal
1325 1 ounce Legal
1350 7/8 ounces or less Legal

8.3 Shotguns may only be loaded when on station and ready to fire. When changing stations, all actions must be open and unloaded.

8.4 Shotguns are to be loaded with one shot unless otherwise called for in the course of fire.

8.5 Shotguns will be pointed down range while loaded and when loading or unloading.

8.6 Skeet, trap, and 5 stand houses shall not be entered or operated by persons who are not authorized or under the supervision of an authorized person.

8.7 Coaches wearing eye and ear protection are allowed on the shotgun fields while actively coaching provided they remain behind the firing line. All other non-shooters must stay on or beyond the west walkway.

8.8 Empty shells must be picked up at the end of the line.

8.9 No hand-held traps are allowed on club grounds.

8.10 No sharing of firearms is allowed on the same trap line or 5 stand position.

8.11 On the shotgun fields a qualified trap/skeet puller may substitute for the RSO required by Rule 1.8.

.410 Shot Shell – Handgun Rules

9.1 Only handguns with a minimum barrel length of 10” may be used.

9.2 Only handguns chambered in .410 shotgun may be used.

9.3 Cartridges must be loaded and fired one round at a time.

9.4 The handgun must remain in its case while in the club house or being transported to the skeet/trap fields.

9.5 A two-hand hold must be used when shooting these handguns.

9.6 Trap must be fired from the 10-yard line by all shooters.

9.7 Skeet may be fired from the normal stations.

10. General Outdoor Airgun Rules

10.1 Only air guns may be fired on the air gun range.

10.2 Only lead Pellets may be used on hard surface targets or target carriers. All other ammunition such as BB’s or non-lead pellets must be shot at paper targets unless otherwise approved while under DRSO Supervision.

10.3 Only Air Guns up to .25 Caliber with a maximum power of 45 Foot Pounds of Energy (FPE) may be fired on the Air Gun Range. Air Guns of higher caliber and FPE are to be used on the Firearm Ranges and treated as such.

10.4 Only lead pellets may be used on hard surface targets or target carriers.

10.5 The air gun walk-through range shall be closed except for scheduled matches or practices.

10.6 Transporting an air gun, when not on the firing line, must be in the following manner: (1) in a case; (2) pre-charged air guns must have the loading port open; (3) barrel breaker air guns must have the barrels unlatched; (4) side lever and under lever air guns must have the cocking lever open until the spring tension is felt.

10.7 Any air gun up to .25 caliber with a maximum power of 45 foot pounds may be used. Air guns with a magazine may be used as well.

11. General Archery Range Rules

11.1 All arrows shall be pointed at the target area when nocked and/or when shooting.

11.2 A maximum of six (6) arrows per flight will be permitted unless shooting alone.

11.3 All arrows must be carried in quivers or carried with the points down and covered.

12. Archery 3D Range Rules

12.1 No shots shall be taken except from designated stands and/or stakes and only at designated targets.

12.2 Shooters must stay on the designated trails.

12.3 Shooters have the duty and responsibility of being absolutely sure the preceding party is completely clear of the area before shooting.

12.4 If you miss the target, you may not look for the arrow outside of a 15-foot radius of the target.

12.5 If two or more persons are at the same target, one person shall remain at the shooting station while other(s) are looking for lost arrows.

12.6 When shooting alone, you must stand your bow in front of the target when looking for lost arrows to inform other shooters that you are in the vicinity of the target.

12.7 No altering of natural brush to clear your shooting line.

12.8 No more than two (2) shooters at any time on shooting platforms or stairs.